成立學生組織的想法始於 2019 年,當時一群充滿熱情的學生自製空氣監測儀器,在不同學校進行空氣監測。CASC 於 2020 年正式命名及成立,旨在教育學生了解空氣污染,賦予社區權力,並參與各種清潔空氣行動。

CASC 目前由來自六所學校的 20 多名 14 至 18 歲的學生組成。CASC 一直尋找機會擴充,以吸納更多來自本地和國際學校的學生加入空氣教育運動。



香港健康空氣會議 2022

香港健康空氣會議 2022

在 2022 年 2 月,健康空氣學生組織以「應對空氣污染及其對城市社區的影響」為主題,成功舉辦了該年的香港健康空氣會議。破冰活動、教育遊戲和與當代人物討論如何對抗空氣污染,均是本次會議的焦點。來自國際和本地學校共 50 人參加了本次會議,並充分參與了這個由教育及活動團隊籌辦的活動。

受邀的演講者包括在香港土生土長的氣候倡導者和社會企業家 Natalie Chung,以及 Baak6Zou6 和 Street Reset 的創始人 Hermion Au。


講者 (只有英文版本)

Hermione Au

Graduate from MSc Urban Design and City Planning of UCL, Hermion devotes herself to human-centered urban and community design. She is now the Lab Manager of JC MaD Social Lab and experienced in collaborative design with different stakeholders including government, citizens and community organisations. She is also a co-founder of participatory design studio Baak6Zou6 and a founding member of Street Reset, a citizen-driven advocacy group on human-centric street design.

Natalie Chung

Natalie Chung Sum Yue is a climate advocate and social entrepreneur born and raised in Hong Kong. Inspired by a polar explorer since young, Natalie devotes her life to climate action and environmental education. At the age of 18, she co-founded V’air Hong Kong, a social enterprise which promotes low-carbon local tourism as means to mitigate climate change. V'air has held over 100 tours and educational programmes for schools and corporate to inculcate values of ecocentrism and nature appreciation among the public. As an impactful sustainability leader in Asia Pacific, she has been awarded the Tatler Gen.T List, Eco-Business Youth A-List. Natalie holds an MPhil in Environmental Change and Management (Distinction) at University of Oxford and a BSSc in Geography and Resource Management (First Class Honours) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was awarded a full scholarship for her postgraduate studies at Oxford as the 2019 Esther Yewpick Lee Millennium Scholar.


在 2021 年 1 月,健康空氣學生組織主辦了以污染與政策為主題的香港健康空氣會議。會議內容包括破冰活動、專家講座和批判思維練習。健康空氣學生組織也分享了一些工作並以影片呈現,例如在中環碼頭進行有關水上交通排放的街頭訪問。

受邀的演講者是倫敦的環境記者、TEDx 演講者、《窒息:空氣污染時代的生命與呼吸》作者 Beth Gardiner,及香港環保人士暨實時空氣質素信息系統首席策略師黃嘉欣博士,他們分享了有關應對空氣污染的專業知識和經驗,以及對相關政策的看法。


講者 (只有英文版本)

Michelle Wong

Lead strategist on branding, marketing, and stakeholder engagement of PRAISE-HK -- world-leading air quality, and health mobile app system. With over 10-year long tenure working in a leading policy think-tank in Hong Kong and HKUST. A passionate storyteller with proven success in packaging scientific information into comprehensible messages and making impacts in evidence-based policy-making processes.

Beth Gardiner

Beth Gardiner is an American journalist based in London. Her work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, The Guardian, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Time, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Yale Environment 360. These days, she focuses mainly on stories about environment, health and sustainability, but she’s written about everything from politics, education and feminism to food and the arts.


首屆香港健康空氣會議於 2019 年 10 月舉行,來自多所學校的學生一起參與。會議的主題是空氣污染與健康,邀請了 Amos Tai 教授和 James Ockenden 等講者分享了他們在空氣污染和健康方面的經驗和研究。

講者 (只有英文版本)

James Ockenden

Writer, journalist and sustainability consultant with a passion for clean technology and public health. 25 years covering power and energy markets: former editor of Power Plant Technology, International Power Generation, Asian Electricity, Aircraft Economics, Energy Risk, Asia Risk, Benchmark; writer for South China Morning Post, Cathay Dragon's Silkroad, APlus, Veolia's "Planet", Hong Kong Tatler; founder of Blue Skies China. MSocSc in Corporate Environmental Governance, University of Hong Kong; BA & MA degree in Natural Sciences (major in Materials Science & Metallurgy), Cambridge University.

Dr Amos P.K.Tai

Dr. Amos P. K. Tai is an Assistant Professor in the Earth System Science Programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.Specializing in the atmospheric and climate sciences, his research combines high-performance computer models with statistical analysis of global observations to examine the interactions between ecosystems and the atmosphere, addressing societally relevant issues such as how air pollution and climatic hazards impact ecosystem services and food security, and how better land-use, forest and agricultural management may help improve air quality and mitigate climate change.