Hong Kong Clean Air Public Speaking Contest 2024

The theme of this year’s competition was “Breath of Change”. This concept suggests that we hope to empower students to advocate for clean air, becoming catalysts for change. Through our prompts, contestants were able to think outside of the box, and learn more about clean air itself. The judges, Ms Melody Kwok, an English teacher from St. Paul’s Co-educational College, and Mr Melville Pradhan, the project manager of CAN, agreed that each individual’s speech was inspiring.

As the Clean Air Student Council, we have successfully pioneered the first ever youth-led environmental public speaking competition, which is truly groundbreaking for the whole council. Indeed, having a chance to advocate for what you are passionate about is rare. CASC encourages all passionate students to voice out their passions of making the world a better place, and to continue promoting and advocating for clean air in Hong Kong. 

With attendees from 28+ schools, we have handed prizes of almost $4000 to the winners of the competition. Congratulations to the following winners:


Junior Category
winners of Hong Kong Clean Air Public Speaking Contest in the junior category
Champion: Jodie Li (Island School)

1st Runner-up: Mak On Sun Caitlin (St. Paul’s Co-educational College)

2nd Runner-up: Wong Hoi Yu (St. Paul’s Co-educational College)

Most Popular Prize: Mak On Sun Caitlin


Senior Category
winners of Hong Kong Clean Air Public Speaking Contest in the senior category
Champion: Isabella Ashley Chan (American International School)

1st Runner-up: Chan Chun Hin Sunny (St. Joseph’s College)

2nd Runner-up: Anson Ho Ka Woon (Canadian International School of Hong Kong)

Most Popular Prize: Isabella Ashley Chan


Thank you all for participating in our contest. We hope to see you again next time!