Hong Kong Clean Air Conference 2021

On January 2021, the Clean Air Student Council hosted the Hong Kong Clean Air Conference under the theme Pollution and Policies. The conference featured icebreakers, talks from experts and critical thinking exercises. The Clean Air Student Council also had the opportunity to share some work done with its Marine Emissions Campaign through a video made which included a series of interviews conducted at the Central Pier.

The speakers invited were London-based environmental journalist, TEDx speaker, and author of Choked: Life and Breath in the Age of Air Pollution, Mrs. Beth Gardiner, and Hong Kong-based Environmentalist and Lead Strategist at Personalised Real-Time Air Quality Informatics System for Exposure – Hong Kong, Dr. Michelle Wong, to share their expertise and experience around tackling air pollution and opinions on related policies.

Students who participated in a writing competition launched earlier under the prompt of “Air Pollution Progress and Policies” were also invited as winners were presented at the end of the conference.