Clean Air Schools action framework

It is a free, online tool to help every primary school create a tailored Clean Air Action Plan to become a clean air school.

The Framework tailors a choice of actions across four key areas:

Outdoor environment of schools


Tackle the air pollution generated at the school entrances, playgrounds and nearby environment.



Campaign for change using student/school voices to encourage local and national decision makers to make air quality improvements across your school.



Raise awareness of air pollution (sources, impacts & solutions) with students, family, the local community and beyond.

School operations


Cut the air pollution that the school generates and reduce pollution levels in the classroom.

The framework will support you to:

Become a local leader on air pollution

Educate the school community

Reduce indoor air pollution faced by the students

Tackle outdoor air pollution at the school entrances or playgrounds

How to use Clean Air Schools Action Framework

Create your tailored air action plan in 4 simple steps. We estimate it will take about 15 minutes to complete.

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