Toolkits for schools

For primary

Objectives of the toolkits

Raise awareness of air pollution among the teachers,parents and students

Help to reduce children’s exposure to air pollutants, within the school and through their travel

Give ideas for engaging staff, pupils and parents/carers in improving air quality

Videos, games & fun facts

We have put together a list of videos and fun facts on air pollution made by us as well as collected from all over the internet. These videos will be able to complement the teaching toolkits and give a more holistic view of the importance of air quality.

Primary level toolkits

Toolkits Tutorial videos

These tutorial videos are to provide a general overview to teachers to use the toolkits in the lessons. It includes high-level walkthrough of different toolkits assets, such as lesson slides, adventure logs and lesson plans. In the videos, we will provide different storytelling tips and techniques to arouse the students’ interest in the lesson. On the other hand, it also provides gameplay introduction to the game activities within the curriculum for easy understanding.

Day 1: Two Vials

At the end of an otherwise ordinary day at the Environmental Protection Institute (EPI), you and your fellow Cadets-in-training notice two mysterious vials at a mysterious machine. This discovery piques the interest of facility manager Mr. G, and suddenly, you now have the attention of Science Council President Gordon, who takes you under his wing and assigns you a very special quest…

In Two Vials, you will be initiated into the Last Stand, a five-episode adventure where you will travel through time, encounter inspiring characters, save the future of humanity – and learn a thing or two about air pollution in the process! Enjoy the ride, Cadets!

Day 2: The Diagnosis

Cadets, time to put your knowledge to the test! You need to pass “The Diagnosis”, the certification program that Dr. Hill designed to test your knowledge on air pollution, before you’ll be allowed to set foot in the time machine. Your future as Cadets – and the future of humanity – is in your hands…

In The Diagnosis, episode 2 of the Last Stand, you will be playing an interactive card game to understand air pollution from a systemic level, as well as to learn about the causes and effects within. Enjoy the challenge!

Day 3: Blue Pill Red Pill

What happens when you excitedly set foot in a time machine and travel to the future – only to then realize that you’ve landed in a world that looks entirely different to what you expected?

In Blue Pill Red Pill, episode 3 of the Last Stand, you will get to experience this first hand! How would you go about exploring a world where you feel entirely alienated, and one that might shake you and your utopian dreams to the core? Be prepared to find out…

Day 4: Breathe Again

Back in the time machine we go! Will the other future promise a vision more optimistic to look forward to, or a nightmare we should dread even more? There’s only one way to find out…

In Breathe Again, episode 4 of the Last Stand, we take a trip to an alternate timeline, where we hope to locate the other missing professor from the Environmental Protection Institute. There were harsh lessons learned last time; what lies in store for us with Professor Ellen?

Day 5: Back to the future

There’s time for one final trip to rescue Dr. Hill in the dystopian future! But just like last time, things aren’t what they seem. Perhaps this time, we should be looking beyond the surface if we are to find what we’re here for…

Back to the Future is the fifth and final episode of the Last Stand. How will this grand, time-traveling quest unfold and conclude? Depending on our findings and insights, we might even get a chance to test our decision- and policy-making chops in a strategic card game at the end!