What you can do at home?

Improve the energy consumption:

  • Reduce energy consumption at home. By switching off fans, air-conditioners and lights when you don’t need them and keeping the air-conditioned temperature at 25.5 degree Celsius in summer, you will save energy and money, and reduce air pollution from power stations.
  • Choose energy-efficient appliances and look for the Energy Label when purchasing these products.
  • Use of fans instead of Air Conditioner

Improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ):

  • We spend more than 70% of our time at homes, offices and other indoor environment. Below are some easy tips to follow to improve IAQ.
  • Maintain adequate air ventilation by opening windows.
  • Clean the filters of air conditioners at regular intervals.
  • Dispose of perishable food properly to avoid odours.
  • Remove and clean visible moulds once they are found.