Clean Air Schools for Hong Kong: Air Quality Insights from Aug to Oct 2023

Clean Air Network

Co-organized by Clean Air Network (CAN) and the Institute for the Environment of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (IENV HKUST), “Clean Air Schools for Hong Kong” aimed at helping the schools get to know the air quality in their schools, and solving the problem from the source. 

The 15-month air quality monitoring of 8 schools in Tuen Mun and Sham Shui Po district has come to an end, and the last quarterly report has been released. Compared to the previous quarter, improvements were observed in the outdoor air quality. However, it was noted that the indoor air quality in certain classrooms remained inferior due to the usage of air conditioners with closed windows and doors.

As the project is reaching its end, CAN is glad to announce that the second phase of the “Clean Air Schools for Hong Kong” is upcoming and we will be recruiting new participating schools very soon. Please stay tuned to our recruitment!