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Clean Air Schools for Hong Kong (CASHK), organized by Clean Air Network (CAN) and the Institute for the Environment of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (IENV HKUST), envisage the establishment of clean air schools.


We are glad to have Lobintan, a local illustrator and a mother to a primary school daughter, to design a postcard for us and to express her thoughts on clean air in schools. She thought that school is where children spend most of their time except their home. As a mother, she hoped that children could breathe clean and fresh air at schools for a healthier and more efficient learning environment.


Graphic 1: Lobintan, a local illustrator and a mother to a primary school daughter

We believe that children’s well-being is what parents value the most. Studies show that insufficient ventilation can increase the risk of infecting airborne diseases in children. High concentrations of carbon dioxide can also make students drowsy, reducing their level of concentration. Other pollutants can as well hinder their growth and increase the risk of chronic diseases. Therefore, as the last piece of our project “data-knowledge-action” building blocks, we have formed “Friends of CASHK”, aimed at recruiting members of Friends of CASHK to share their thoughts on improving air quality in schools, to protect children from air pollution. 


Our project has been kicked start for over 10 months under our building blocks. In the past months, we monitored both outdoor and indoor air quality in primary schools across Sham Shui Po and Tuen Mun which are located in densely populated areas next to heavily trafficked roads. The real-time monitoring data were displayed through our mobile application “Clean Air Schools for HK” and the LED screens installed in the participating schools. We have also released quarterly reports to publish the data analysis and insights. Workshops delivered to students and teachers enhanced their knowledge and awareness about air pollution.


As we are heading to our last project building block, your participation is crucial for us in pushing forward clean-air schools. Please fill in the following Google Form to join the Friends of CASHK WhatsApp group, to share your thoughts on cleaning up the air in schools and let’s fight for children’s health together!


Sign up now! (In Chinese only)


You can also visit some local shops in Sham Shui Po and Tuen Mun districts to collect the postcards designed by Lobintan, and experience the air quality in these two districts on your way!


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Friends of CASHK poster

Graph 2: Poster of Friends of CASHK